2016 Olympic Coach Scott Davenport is a professional beach volleyball coach for top professional and youth teams.

He combines his playing and coaching experience at the elite levels with the ability to teach and breakdown the fundamentals of the game for participants of every skill level.

His causal approach to coaching will teach you how to identify the movements causing poor performance versus the traditional method of feedback based on results.

This creates a process mindset for athletes which will allow them to acquire new skill sets more quickly.

He has worked, and continues to work with various levels including Olympians, FIVB, AVP, NORCECA, NCAA, USAV, SCVA and AAU.

His teams have acquired over 50 podium finishes and garnished numerous international and domestic individual honors, including FIVB Best Blocker, FIVB Best Defender and USAV Beach team of the Year.


Final Team FIVB World Rankings:

2018 - #3 /Canada / #12 /USA

2017 - #1 / Canada

2106 - #5 / Canada

2015 - #3 / Canada

2014 - #15 / Canada

2012 - #7 / USA

2011 - #9 / USA  / #10 USA 

Team Achievements

FIVB World Tour

2018 Gold Medal Gstaad 5 Star Open - Humana-Paredes/Pavan

2018 Gold Medal Xiamen 4 Star Open - Humana-Paredes/Pavan

2018 Gold Medal Commonwealth Games - Humana-Paredes/Pavan

2018 Silver Medal Las Vegas 4 Star Open - Humana-Paredes/Pavan

2018 Bronze Medal Lucerne 3 Star Open - Larsen/Stockman 

2017 Gold Medal Porec Major Series - Humana-Paredes/Pavan

2017 Gold Medal Ulsan Open – Flint/Larsen

2017 Gold Medal Tangshan Open – Flint/Larsen

2017 Silver Medal Rio Open - Humana-Paredes/Pavan

2017 Silver Medal Olsztyn, Poland Open - Humana-Paredes/Pavan

2017 Bronze Medal Gstaad Major Series - Humana-Paredes/Pavan

2017 Bronze Medal Aalsmeer Open – Flint/Larsen

2017 4th Place World Championships - Humana-Paredes/Pavan

2016 Silver Medal Porec Major Series – Bansley/Pavan

2016 Bronze Medal Moscow Grand Slam – Bansley/Pavan

2015 Silver Medal Porec Major Series – Bansley/Pavan

2015 Silver Medal FIVB Major Series – Binstock/Schacther

2015 Silver Medal Prague Open – Bansley/Pavan

2015 Bronze Medal Gstaad Major Series – Bansely/Pavan

2015 Bronze Medal Yokohama Grand Slam – Bansley/Pavan

2014 Silver Medal Berlin Grand Slam – Doherty/Lucena

2014 Bronze Medal Gstaad Grand Slam – Doherty/Lucena

2012 Silver Medal Brazil Grand Slam – Fuerbringer/Lucena

2011 Silver Medal Quebec Open – Fuerbringer/Lucena


AVP Tour

1st Place – 9

2nd Place – 10

3rd place – 15


NORCECA Beach Volleyball Circuit

Gold Medals- 7

Silver Medals- 7

Bronze Medals- 5


Player/Team Awards

2018 FIVB Best Setter - Melissa Humana-Paredes

2017 FIVB Best Blocker – Sarah Pavan

2017 FIVB Most Improved Player – Melissa Humana-Paredes

2016 FIVB Best Defender – Heather Bansley

2015 FIVB Best Blocker – Sarah Pavan (CAN)

2015 FIVB Best Defender – Heather Bansley

2014 AVP Best Defender – Nick Lucena

2011 USAV Beach Team of the Year Award – Emily Day/Heather Hughes (USA)

2010 AVP Best Blocker – Lisa Rutledge

2010 AVP Best Defender – Brooke Niles


Players Coached

Olympians (11)
USA - Keri Walsh-Jennings, Nick Lucena, John Hyden , Nicole Branagh, Lauren Fendrick, Brooke Sweat,
CAN -Sarah Pavan, Heather Bansley, Josh Binstock, Sam Schachter, Steve Grotowski
 AVP/FIVB Champions (19)
Brooke Niles, Melissa Humans-Paredes, Matt Feurbringer, Emily Day, Caitlin Ledeaux, Emily Stokman, Kelley Larsen, Betsi Flint, Amanda Dowdy, Whitney Pavlik, Jenny Kropp, Kim Dicello, Casey Jennings, Brittany Hochevar, Angie Akers, Ryan Doherty, Theo Brunner, Lara Dykstra, Brad Keenan
Jeremy Casebeer, Christal Engle, Heather Hughes, Lisa Rutledge, Jenn Snyder, Claire D’Amore, Erin Gray, Diane Copenhagen, Sheila Shaw, Morgan Miller, Jess Clausen, John Moran, Gregg Weaver, Avery Drost

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